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…contaminants in air and oil delivery systems are the primary reason for premature failure and overall fatigue of fluid power components…

BDI is a leading innovator of filtration systems and products. Our customers have realized tremendous cost and productivity savings by implementing our state of the art filtration systems.

Imagine if your facility's oil consumption could be reduced by 60% and the purity of oil being delivered to your equipment was filtered to ½ Micron. We have accomplished this for customers and can demonstrate how we can do it for you.

Our filtration division is your resource for problem solving solutions in the areas of oil and water filtration and reclamation. Our technical staff is highly trained and experienced in the application of filter systems and processes, including hydraulic fluid reprocessing, contamination removal, and hydraulic systems.

BDI has experienced phenomenal response from the manufacturing community on our G2 centrifuge filtration systems and our Predator anti-bacteria water and coolant filters.

These products work fantastic in hydraulic fluid reprocessing, contamination removal systems, cleaning industrial water, hydraulic systems, industrial parts washers, metal stamping oil, hydraulic oil and clean oil processing.

Our filtration capabilities are real world problem solvers especially in water separator and water removal applications.

G2 Centrifuge Filtration Systems
Safety, Operation and Service Manual
Part No. 44103-13

G2 Application Data Worksheet (XLS)

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