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Electrical Power Transmission

…electrical power transmission devices operate on the principal that a force acts on a conductor when it carries current in a magnetic field…

Electrical Power Transmission Categories


Clutches & Brakes 
DC SCR Drives

Precise automation control and the advancement of logic controlling devices have made electrical power transmission one of the most versatile methods of transmitting power to perform work.

Todays electrical drive components, including motor starters, encoders, and variable frequency drives, are more efficient, more powerful and more complex than ever before.

Energy savings are primary concerns for manufacturing facilities and machine builders. Electrical Power Transmission products have the greatest opportunity to provide significant long-term cost savings.

Our product specialists assist customers in converting inefficient drives and controls to high efficiency drives using the latest technology available.

BDI has continued to expand our electrical product offering by adding key brands like AC Tech, Baldor, Kebco, Leeson, TB Woods, Warner, Worldwide and ABB.

Our dedicated electrical product specialists can assist in the application of electric motors, variable frequency drives, dc gear motors, electric brakes, encoders, motor starters and servo controllers.

VFD drive advancement continues to accelerate the energy efficiency and energy savings we bring to our valued customers.


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